the Arboreal Quartet

It always feels good to hear experimental music, especially of the type that emanates the synergy produced by Eastern and Western sounds. Just a week ago I got a message from John Wrinch Williams, a musician of note. He seemed very happy about the idea of Indian Rasa. After all, a blog was being launched to feature his brand of music. John Wrinch Williams, adapt at playing many instruments, is the founder of the band, the Arboreal Quartet, a labour of over two decades of musical exploration. With extensive on-stage, studio and on-air experience in genres as diverse as jazz, folk, electronic, Hindustani, and Celtic music, John now primarily plays the sarod. He has been a student and follower of sarod maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

The Arboreal Quartet is a self-titled, debut CD of the band. The album was recorded live in one studio session. On acoustic guitar is Tom Eliosoff, while J F Martins plays the upright bass. Fernando Gelso is on the drums. I wish John would contemplate including a Tabla player as well in the band. But again, I wonder, how could it remain a ‘Quartet’ anymore, if he really did include one. Nevertheless, the sounds are very relaxing and the album can be best enjoyed during siesta time, a very creditable debut release by all standards. There are 10 tracks in the album. Here are a few, which I liked more:

the Arboreal Quartet – Lucky :  Download

the Arboreal Quartet – Shift :  Download

the Arboreal Quartet – Mountain :  Download

the Arboreal Quartet – Dang :  Download

the Arboreal Quartet – Cycle :  Download

the Arboreal Quartet – Dee :  Download

Download all 10 tracks (zip file), in CD quality, by clicking here.

Songs courtesy: John Wrinch Williams of the Arboreal Quartet.