NorDar Lakshmi Shankar : Ampel’a

Just two songs from Ampel’a, an exceptional musical collaboration between musicians of diverse musical heritage. Armenia and India, two countries with primitive musical tradition, meet for the very first time. Kora Michaelian (member of NorDar) composes the music and nightingale of Indian classical music, Lakshmi Shankar sings. The album is a unique fusion of Armenian and Indian melodies, embossed with sophisticated musical forms.

NorDar Lakshmi Shankar – My Mother’s Eyes Part 1 :  Download

NorDar Lakshmi Shankar – My Mother’s Eyes Part 2 :  Download


Prem Diwani

Perhaps the most remembered and quoted woman in India’s history is the 16th century poet, singer and saint Meerabai, or Meera. Versions of her songs are sung today all over India, and she often appears as a subject in films, books, dances, plays and paintings. Meerabai belonged to the Rajput aristocracy. From an early age, she worshiped the image of Krishna. Her form of worship was influenced by a number of her relatives who were devotees of a mystical form of Hinduism called Bhakti. In the Bhakti tradition, one approaches one’s God through pure love, without any restrictions of caste, color or gender.

E Ri Main To Prem Diwani is one of Mirabai’s most popular songs. The singers featured here are from across all genres of music. They belong to different times and were trained for diverse styles of music. While Aziz Mian is a famous qawwal from Pakistan, Lakshmi Shankar is a renowned Hindustani classical singer. Juthika Roy is a legendary bhajan singer of yesteryear. Geeta Dutt and Lata Mangeshkar, as we all know, are associated with Hindi film music. The styles of their singing may be different but the passion is the same. Take your pick.

Aziz Mian – Prem Diwani (Qawwali) :  Download

Lakshmi Shankar – Eri Main To Prem Diwani (Bhajan) :  Download

Lata Mangeshkar – Eri Main To Prem Diwani (Nau Bahar 1952) :  Download

Geeta Dutt – Eri Main To Prem Diwani (Jogan 1950) :  Download

Juthika Roy – Main To Prem Diwani (Non-Film) :  Download